Saturday, May 31, 2008

Making money ...

... is legitimate. I always get confused, when we are accused of making money. Why are people accusing us of being successful? Everybody wants to be successful in what he is doing. When you're in school, you wanna get good grades, when you meet a girl, you like to hear "You are a lovely guy". Well, when you do business, one of the key indicators is "sales". You're having a crappy product, you don't sell it. You listen to your customers and design the product according to their needs, you sell more. Is this kind of behaviour THAT condemnable?
No, we are not a students project anymore. We are a company. This basically means two things:
1. We are professionals
2. We have to earn money
The good comes with the bad. The bad part about it is that we have to think about success, and not only fun anymore. I have to admit that we evaluate projects.
The good part is that we can offer customer support, regular updates and not to forget a certain probability of not having to shut down your favourite game next week due to a shortage of funds.
So, to conclude my Saturday night rant: Whoever posts comments like "You only revamp Rookgard to make it more appealing to new customers and to make more money". Yes. You are right. Don't state the obvious. My advice to you is: Take marketing lessons. You obviously have a talent for it.