Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Important notice

I am flattered, that this blog is getting more popular. However, as usual, the good comes with the bad. Therefor I would like to remind you, that this blog is NO, I repeat, NO official channel of communication of CipSoft. It is not even a supported fansite. This is a private blog. So, in order to not getting you in any trouble I strongly recommend to NOT link to this blog in game, on the forums or anywhere else, where the Tibia rules might be applicable.

And as usual, I cannot be held responsible for any damage this blog might do to you, your computer, your account, your reputation, health, partnership, country, planet or whatever might come into my mind now or in the distant future. I know you'll understand.

In order to not to lead you into any temptation, I'll close this blog until further notice.