Saturday, July 19, 2008

Amsterdam ...

... shall it be. I've just booked my flight to visit the Tibia convention in Amsterdam in 3 weeks. This will actually be the first convention for me and I am really excited to see so many of our Tibia players in RL. I already have many plans on what to take with me as presents and goodies. Gosh, I am really looking forward to the trip. In addition, I will extend my stay for the whole weekend so I get to see the lovely city of Amserdam once again. Last time I've been there must have been 25 years ago, when I travelled through Europe with my parents. I still don't have an hotel yet, but I found a house boat you can book. I definitely want that.

Edit: I talked to my mom. It was actually 29 years ago, that I've been to Amsterdam. Gosh, I am old.