Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's a girl ...

... I think. Well, you can never be that sure. No, I haven't become a father. If I had, I guess I would have a rather clear idea about the sex of my baby.

Unfortunately, it's not that simple in the virtual world. Don't get me wrong, it is an important part of online communities to be able to hide some aspects of your real personality. It gives you freedom, lets you interact with people you'd never talk to in the real world. And let's be honest, everybody tries to hide some things. You do that on a real date too. At least I do.

So, why should it be any different in online communities? However, hiding some aspects (like "Oh no, I am not balled") cannot put you on a totally wrong track as changing your sex can. I mean, imagine you're meeting a "sexy, trendy wendy frappachino" babe and after you've sent her 7867 cute kiss smiley's she tells you: "Oh, by the way. My name is Frank the Tank".

That is really embarrassing. Even more, if you're head of marketing department and known in your community. I could as well flush my reputation down the toilet.
Well, I've just read a forum signature that suits here:
"Welcome to the internet, where men are men, women are men and teenage girls are FBI agents."

I guess, the only thing I can be absolutely sure about is my own sex.

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Anonymous said...

MMORPG-many men online role playing girls.

It would be interesting to find out what percent of players who used female avatars were female in real life...