Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mercutio meets Mozart

I am off. I'll be on vacation for the next two weeks. Going to Austria to meet a friend and to celebrate his birthday. After that, we'll get in the car and drive to wherever the road takes us. I'll be checking the blog once in a while and maybe keep you updated on the "bottle count". Who knows, I might even upload a picture of my "Mercutio meets Mozart" tour. Take care and happy easter.

Update: Back in Regensburg. The picture has been taken in Bratislava. That's in Slovakia - and yes, I grew a beard.


Tiago Paolini said...

Have a nice travel! I can badly wait to see some pictures ;-)

Say hi to Mozart for me :-P, and keep the good work with Tibia once you are back!

See ya!

caroline said...


enjoy your trip merc!

can't wait for the sidewalks!

i'm really excited XD

Mercutio Mercado said...

@Caroline: So I owe you two sidewalks. A German and an Austrian one.

caroline said...

yeah! and whatever other sidewalks that you want, maybe like one on a bridge? or like one outside of some town you're going through! =o

Lord Mijeman said...

Just about time to return...excited to try to combat our common flamers? Haha :)

caroline said...

looook at the sidewalk!!!

Anonymous said...

you look better with a beard :)