Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Welcome to my new video project. I already have a few ideas for my next videos and one very simple idea is to collect questions from you and get them answered by CipSoft members. All this will be caught on camera.
If you post a question, please indicate if you have a preferred person to answer it. I give you an example:

To Mercutio: Are you really that good looking or is your profile pic just a fake computer graphics by JanPedro?

I think you get my drift. :D So, now it's up to you. Shoot.

Disclaimer: I can neither guarantee that your question will be picked nor that it will be answered by your preferred Cip member. Maybe I just have to dress up like every single Cip member and fake their answers.


Iron-Jojoy said...

How Is it to with Cipsoft?(mostly to everyone)

2 Question:
You have recently began your new work as a community manager, how is it? Something that bugs you, is it much work? What is the pros/cons etc(this is for Mirade and Rejana)

Iron-Jojoy said...

bah wrote wrong on my first question
"How is it to work with Cipsoft(ostly to everyone)"

caroline said...

To who ever:

What's your favorite phrase used in Tibia? (i.e. lol, hunted, buy blue rope)

Roger said...


I'm not playing Tibia for half year now. But one and the best phrase (I think that it may be a quote than a phrase) was a guy at Rockgard in front of The Oracle, and then he starts saying:
Guy: hi
Guy: pl?
The Oracle: -says something when you do not type in the correct 'tags'-
Guy: -started typing phrases in polish, like insulting him or so-

Hahahah, maybe written would not have much fun, but when I saw it, it just made my year, haahhaa couldn't stop laughing!

"How's going the project called 'Fiction Fighters'? Could you give us more information about it? If so what?"

Nikky said...

my question @ mercutio:

Are you scared for the 18th yet? -insert evil smiley here-

If you have time, try to contact me please?


Anonymous said...

What's the main focus of programmers' work now? Has the recoding of tibia client been scheduled yet?

Anonymous said...
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Lulu said...

hmm lets see and wether i know the answer or not doesnt matter, peoples in general might or might not know the answer:

1- Guido:
What is your opinion on cheating in the game and is there any reasons why it has taken so long in order to give it more attention.

2- Solkrin:
Women are evil creatures in general, often making orshabaal look like a little sissy. How is it to work (lead) with so many women around you?

3- Content/graphic team in general:
What would be the item that you would love to add in the game and that is currently impossible to add? (possibility to add a drawing of it? :P )

4- Programmers:
As said in the past, the game client is using an old way of coding. What are the features you would like to bring into the game that cannot be done and/or Is there any plans in recoding the game in itself to allow such features?

How was it to change from head gamemastership to Community management?

I think its all that's crossing my mind for now <33

well actually there is more... but doesn't belog in there ~runs to hide~ XD

Take care! ~hugs~

Jenny said...

To Valerie: What is it like reviewing all of the banishments those evul gamemasters make? They must keep you busy...

To Mirade (from Pleckto): Are you single? Do you believe in love at first site? ~nerd question, typical guy question~