Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's done

Most of you won't understand a word as it is in German, but anyway.
Writer, director, main actor and narrator: ME(rcutio)


Lulu said...

You could always add the translation.... hmm? hmmm? ~pretty eyes~


It's so weirdly funny <33 I like it ^.^

Make more!! o.o just for us :P ~runs!~

caroline said...

awesome! nice work and i could understand it bwhahaha

Tiago Paolini said...

The video is great! Even though I wasn't able to understand it, I enjoyed it a lot :)

Since it is just 30 seconds of video, it wouldn't be hard to add some English subtitles (suggestion! suggestion! ^_^)


Mirkan said...

Hehehe, really awesome.

Mirkan said...

Ah, I translated it roughly for fun

Today at techniques with "kick" : CipSoft

In the middle of Regensburg, there are the noble premises of the computer-game manufactory CipSoft.

Yet since the last century, likeable little game-characters are being tinkered together here.

More than 40 busy people work daily on the creation of fantastic worlds.

After hard work, you shouldn't forget about some jokes!

Apply today, because CipSoft still searches smart people.

mestre nardi said...

Mirkan, there was some parts of your translation that I couldn't figure out:

"techniques with "kick""
"the noble premises"
"tinkered together"

I would appreciate an explanation ;)

Mirkan said...

Well, I don't have any, sorry.
I don't know any english expressions that would fit, unless I'd really change.

mestre nardi said...

Could you change for anything that would fits?

Ed said...
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Ed said...

Hello, we are a Guild from Candia! Lovers of Tibia.

Nice web page ;) and nice video xDD!

Good Luck from Spain

Zinina said...

Haha, I loved that ending comment:
Online since 28.8k ^^

Felipe said...

Here have the portuguese and the english version of the video:

Note: Select the language in the menu of the video.

Felipe, Admin of Mundo Tibia Br