Monday, August 11, 2008

Back ...

... in action. Amsterdam was great. The city and the convention were really a blast.
I was impressed by the fact how much love, time and effort our players are investing into their hobby. The room has been decorated with so much love, so many presents have been prepared in Tibia style, and most important of all, everybody was talking about the game with so much passion. This really gives you a kick and shows you who you are doing all the work for. A convention is a big boost for your motivation to make the game better and to always have your community in mind, whatever you do. Thanks for the invitation girls.
Tibiacity published some pictures. Check them out, if you're interested.
By the way: I was really lucky with the flights. Most of the flights to and from Amsterdam were canceled, except mine. I am such a lucky bastard.


Julie said...

wont be lucky if i get time alone to bash you.

-insert angry face here!-

glad that your back i suppose o.0

nice man bag -snickers-

Nikky said...

I am so happy that you liked it :)

It was great having you here with us. I've been hyper the entire weekend because of how fun it was.

And Julie... if you will bash him I will tell your little secret :insert evil face here:


Lulu said...

That is so wonderful Mercy, i am happy that your trip went smoothly and that you had so much fun! <33

With all that Stream's been talking about, i REALLY cannot wait to meet ya <3 (and of course everyone else too! o.o )

Anonymous said...

Wow that video was great, it is nice that we could see how the CipSoft office is and the crew instead of just pictures :P

would be wonderfull if it would be more interviews with you guys :D

Anonymous said...

So that's where all our premmy acc money goes to!

Was nice to see a behind the scenes video, thanks :)

Why do all the CIP staff look so miserable? Especially the programmers.

Raxet said...

Hey Andreas!
I've already spammed you on account and on the video though.
But I wanna purpose you and CipSoft as well something. There was never a convention at Barcelona or any place in Spain (about my knowledge) I'd like you guys to make one on Barcelona even though is where I live and though is the most focused place in Spain where people play Tibia. There is more people around Spain playing Tibia such as Madrid, Cantabria, Sevilla, Zaragoza and many more. But Barcelona has got more players than any other places. I've met people from Barcelona or Around Barcelona that played Berylia, Kyra, Hiberna (as I did), Morgana (as I did though), Askara, Lunara, Galana and they are just a few of servers that I KNOW, and we would be talking about more than 200 people [u]around Barcelona[/u].
I think that it would be nice for your part if so just message me and I'll try to help you as much as I can.

ps. I just loved the video hahaha.

Nikky said...

Well Raxet, Cip does not organize conventions.. players like me and the rest of my team do... so if you wanna make a convention in barcelona.. Go for it!

who knows... I might even take a vacation to barcelona just to be there :p

Mercutio Mercado said...

Well, as Nikky said. Right now, we do not have any plans to organize a convention in Spain. However, you may suggest this idea to the admins of
Haven't been to Barcelona for a while either - and Nikky: NO! Not 29 years ago.

Nikky said...

lol Andy...

you know... it is you and only you who brings those evil thoughts into my head before I even get the chance to think of it myself... like with the auction thing... that was all your fault too

ow well... -hugs-


P.S. The verification code that I had for this messages was PMSPMS... was that a hint for what I am about to face soon? hrm I dunno

Wihelm vockel said...

I'll ask my question in your blog now =P

Do the programeers and the gods work as community managers too ?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Herr E. said...

Youtube says the videoclip has been removed. :-(