Friday, August 1, 2008

I wonder ...

... how long it will take, until you find out. :-)

Edit: 8 hours till now, and still counting.
Edit: 11:23 pm ! Finally. Congratz Matt!
Edit: Well, I am actually surprised how long it took. I thought, our website gets scanned on a regular basis. Obviously not. For all of you, who still don't know, what I am talking about, check this out. Fiction Fighters. That's our new game.


Julie said...

how long will it what? :o

Nikky said...

this is so awesome really <3

see you soon!

love, Nikky

Lulu said...

o.O ~confused....~ notice what?

~such a nub at that~

Roger said...

Hey Andreas!
I just found your blog somehow :p!
Well just wanted to write to you, take care and enjoy your summer!
Kind regards,
Artyros (I've been hacked and previous deleted, but I was a 124ek)

Lulu said...

Oh! that game, it was mentionned in our boards :) getting me curious :P

caroline said...

yes, i saw that mentioned on Tibiacity! :p


Raxet said...

Hey Andreas, I'm Roger again, to be honest I don't really know how does blogger work but I'm going to do my best to acomodate to it.
I've got facebook, fotolog, had myspace but never blogger whatever, I'm not gonna bother you more.
Waiting for a response.

ps. By the way, I'm a big friend of Etien ^^

Anonymous said...

fom stalkeroo julie again :D

well i realised that the game was there, but i thought you meant something irl.. actually importannt..

ill be impressed when the stupid game loads up instead of asks for my email!!

Mercutio Mercado said...

@ Julie: Well, that is bloody important. :D

Julie said...

im always important, gosh..
how was your stay in amsterdam? :ooo

get on msn more oftenn >:(

David said...

Mmmm... It's not Fiction Fighters, It's TROLL Fighters :)

P.S: Mercutio, I don't have your msn address ='(