Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lufthansa ...

... is on strike. Brilliant. Don't they know that I am flying to Amsterdam on Friday and hopefully back to Munich on Sunday. I bet they know and just don't care. From what I found out, the flight just before mine got canceled. Same applies to the Sunday flight. This means, I will have a lot of fun at the check-in counter as a complete airbus-amount of passengers will still be grounded at the airport. Hurray. I am sure they are all very happy, don't care at all about the delay and would never give me that "You idiot, you got your flight huh? Show-off!"-look. And at the same time, Lufthansa is telling me that I am not allowed to carry any self defense weapons with me. Thanks.


Raxet said...

Hellyeah! I'm afraid that Barcelona's security is worse than that one that you named before. By the way, what about ending your summer vacations at Barcelona? Every tourist on the whole earth gotta visit Barcelona before pass, EVERYONE!1!!11!1
Well in case that you will come to Barcelona (I hope so), give me a signal so I'll tell you the most important things you had to visit before leave the city.
PS. Do you like night-clubs? :P
PS2. MY blog is now able to type in.
Take care ;^)

Mercutio Mercado said...

I've been to Barcelona before and one of my poker colleagues goes there every weekend, as his gf lives there. So, there might be a chance that I'll join him soon.

Lord Mijeman (Mike) said...

Yeah, I haven't had the most pleasant time with them either. My sister had a long distance relationship with a fellow in Germany, so she intended to fly out there, but they did not support her passport. That made no sense at all to me, but either way, they expected her to shell out ~$650 USD (~430? euro) to get another passport same day to fly. Needless to say, she didn't make it to Germany, so we swore to never use Luftansa again.

Lulu said...

Seeing from the comments, i am glad to be picking KLM as flight compagny when i'll get over there. ~Keeps note about Lufthansa~

And Lord Mije~ your comment freaks me out!

Best of luck Mercy ~huggles~ I hoe the remain of the trip goes fine for you ~praying~ Have fun never the less! <3333

Lulu said...

.... i really need to stop typoing "Hope" into hoe .... sry about that XD

Raxet said...

Hehe I'm glad to heard that you already have been to Barcelona before, near to the Vila OlĂ­mpica (where there is a couple of nights-club in front of the beach) there is a huge casino where 2 weeks ago there was an European Poker Tournament, I don't really like playing Poker just the Black Jack but I don't really like it and anyways if I'd, I woudn't be able to go to some casino due I'm just 16. 2 years left and I can do whatever I want, well... not really.

ps. Do you got AOL/MSN or any kind of mail like gmail or so?

See you!